Let’s face it, we could read poker forums all day. There are so many of them now, but some are definitely better than others. All of the forums listed in this article are active and have high quality posts and advice. Our recommendation for poker improvement would be to join one or two of these forums and become an active member. You will gain much more as an active poster than as a constant lurker.

  1. Two Plus Two Forums – The granddaddy of them all, the best forums on the Internet, by far the most active and most authoritative of online poker forums.
  2. PocketFives – Another extremely active, outstanding poker forum. Pocket Fives is also home to the Pocket Five rankings of online poker players, a very popular feature.
  3. CardPlayer Forums – The forums for one of the largest poker print magazines. Very active forums.
  4. PokerStrategy.com Forums – The forums at a good strategy site, filled with tons of players looking for and giving advice.
  5. Poker Atlas Forum – Unlike most of the other forums on this list, this one focuses on where to play rather than how.
  6. FlopTurnRiver Forums – Very active, extremely helpful core group of posters.
  7. Liquid Poker Forums – Another very active forum, backed by a website with a substantial amount of poker content.
  8. CardsChat Forums – Active forum with over 100,000 members and 2 million posts. Worth getting involved in.
  9. Full Contact Poker Forums – This is Daniel Negreanu’s site, and it is fantastic. Plenty of information to be had by interested players.
  10. Poker Forum Canada – This is a fantastic and active forum system with a Canadian perspective. Extremely informative group, very active on a daily basis.

This list is by no means comprehensive, and there are some really good forums left out of this list. But you could spend you life reading forums, and there are plenty of other ways to spend your poker training time!