Are you looking for a new poker challenge? Perhaps you have been sheltering in place for weeks and are looking for a new project. Or maybe you are happy with your NLH game and are ready for a new challenge. Omaha Poker Training (OPT) may be just what you are looking for. OPT combines the excellent training offered by Advanced Poker Training with the exciting game of Pot Limit Omaha.

OPT has all of the resources, videos, and articles you need to get up to speed with Pot Limit Omaha. Based on the same learning principles of learning through deep practice employed by APT, OPT offers 6 max, 9 max and Multi-Table Tournaments. Expert Advisors help you identify optimal play for any in-game situation. Finally, OPT offers live daily tournaments with other students as well. So you can learn and engage with your poker community at the same time.

Omaha Poker Training

If you’re new to the game, OPT has all the resources necessary to learn the game and practice as you learn. Select from five different game levels to test your skills against a range of opponents. If you are uncertain about what action to take pre-flop, click the Advice button and you’ll see into which category your hand falls, what your situation is, and what action is advised.  Expert players can examine their entire hand range, and their opponent’s ranges, with details on how every hand should be played.

Every hand you play is automatically saved to your own online database for you to review any time you want.  You can even RETRY a hand if you want to test out a different strategy.  OPT’s in-depth reports provide feedback on your strongest and weakest positions … and your play from pre-flop all the way through the river.

Cardplayer Magazine published a great interview about the development of OPT in its March issue. In it, founder Steve Blay talks about the development of PLO bots. Bot development was a real challenge for a game in which you are dealt four cards, but must play exactly two. With OPT, Steve also took on the task of developing GTO bots for the first time, in consultation with PLO experts such as Scott Clements and John Beauprez. If you’re interested in the article, you can read it here.

So let Omaha Poker Training become your next obsession. Whether you are learning PLO for the first time or just looking to brush up on your game. Read their articles, watch some instructional videos, and start training. You won’t regret it.