Because of the element of luck in poker, it takes a significant amount to time to determine whether you are a long-term winning or losing player. A skilled player could actually be losing after 6 months of play, because of poor luck with the cards they are dealt! Likewise, a player with significant weaknesses in their game could actually be winning after 6 months.

However, by analyzing your play on a controlled set of hands, we are able to objectively measure your true poker skill in every significant area of play, in a short period of time. Your poker skills will be tested and analyzed in over 30 categories! Among the skills being tested are:

  • Correct hand selection
  • Correct actions (bet/raise/check/fold)
  • Correct bet/raise size
  • Play from the Blinds
  • Play from different positions
  • Knowing the pot odds
  • Opponent’s possible hand ranges
  • Aggressiveness/Passive Play
  • Blind stealing
  • Adjusting for previous action in the hand
  • Adjusting for previous action at the table
  • Using your play on prior streets to your advantage
  • Playing in raised pots
  • Slowplaying
  • Check-raising
  • Bluffing
  • Defending against aggressive play
  • Knowing when to push All-in
  • Understanding opponent’s tendencies
  • Understanding opponent’s stack size
  • Pot control
  • Playing too “fancy”
  • Pre-flop play
  • Flop, Turn, and River play
  • Many other subcategories of the above skills

This complete analysis of your game can potentially improve your winnings by THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.