We would like to welcome you to TestYourPoker.com.  This site is designed as a training site for poker players who take their poker seriously, but don’t have the time to read lots of books or attend lengthy training seminars.  Our goal is not to just turn you into a winning poker player.  In fact, many of you reading this already ARE winning poker players.  Our goal is to train you to DOMINATE YOUR OPPONENTS™, nothing less.  And more importantly, you’ll have fun learning how to dominate them.

When we first came up with the concept for this site, we were, and still are, active poker players.  We wanted to know specifically what to do to improve our games.  But there were no tools available for us to learn if we had any exploitable patterns in our game.  We had tried hand analysis, reading books, actively posting and reading on top poker forums, and monitoring our play and our opponents with PokerTracker.  We watched professionals, played in countless hours of cash games and tournaments, and even paid for live training.  At the end of all of it, we still did not feel that we had a good handle on specifically where our weaknesses were.

Building the ultimate poker test

We decided that the ULTIMATE way to learn specifically where our weaknesses were AND how to correct them would be to have an objective means of searching for detectable weaknesses in our game – a computerized analysis of our play based on expertly determined criteria that searched for and located identifiable patterns in our game that were costing us big $$.  No other software had ever ventured here. So we put together a team of experts to help us develop this.

We first brought into our team a Ph.D. with an expertise in statistics, who also happened to be an excellent poker player.  Next, we talked with everyone we met playing poker and found that most people would be thrilled to spend an hour playing a simulated online poker game that would accurately assess their play.  Finally, we gathered together a team of expert poker players to come up with a listing of all the primary skills that a DOMINANT poker player would have.  After nearly a year and a half of work, and over 20,000 hours spent by our team, this website is the result.


Our method has been tested.  We tracked our play and found that our analysis method worked – almost without exception our win rates increased dramatically – and we thought we were experts BEFORE having our play analyzed.  The bottom line is that we believe in this training method, enough to have an entire team that dedicated over a year to perfecting it.

So enjoy taking the test, learn from the analysis (it definitely works) and go DOMINATE YOUR OPPONENTS™!

The TestYourPoker.com Team