How do I Become a Member?

You may join simply by entering your first name and email address on our home page, or just click here. If you are already a member, you can log in here.

How is my PokerIQScore™ calculated?

Our patented analyzer (U.S. Patent #8,152,618) evaluates your entire poker game, all hands together, and every move you make to identify patterns in your game. Unlike other tests that put you in various situations, we allow you to play every hand from start to finish. This is a critical distinction. Consider a hand where you are asked to contemplate a difficult decision on the turn. Your ability to make this decision may be a good judge of your poker talent. However, given your playing style, you may never have gotten yourself into that situation in the first place! Alternatively, you may play hands in such a way that you get yourself into difficult situations on a regular basis.

To accurately assess your abilities, you must be allowed to play naturally, in a true-to-life poker setting. Our Ph.D. created analyzer searches for patterns in your game. Patterns that a skilled opponent could take advantage of, patterns that are COSTING YOU MONEY! Be prepared to DOMINATE YOUR OPPONENTS™!

What is in the Domination Poker Analysis and Training Program?

Even the most highly skilled pros use training methods to improve their games. Our program simplifies the process by identifying the areas where you need to train.

When you take the test and become a member of our training program, you receive a detailed plan assessing your game in 12 main skill areas and providing you with detailed training documents about three more specific areas where you could improve your game the most. We recommend ways for you to train to improve (focusing on trouble areas). Then, our members are able to take an unlimited number of tests with hands pulled from our huge database of No-Limit Holdem Hands, each time receiving an analysis of their game, a hand-by-hand replay of their game with detailed analysis commentary, and the ability to track their improvement.

Even experts can benefit from this. In fact, our team of experts regularly uses our analyzer to spot check their games and keep their win rates at the maximum level.

How Do I Access the Professional Replay?

Log into your member page. On the right side you should see a grid of the various test types we offer. Choose the game type in which you are interested (9-max, 6-max, Sit-N-Go, etc), then look for the correct button to watch the pro replay.

Can I see a sample of the Professional Replayer?

Sure, here is a link to one.

What is an average PokerIQScore™?

The average score for all test takers is 100 and the standard deviation is 15. To date, more than 300,000 players have taken this test.

Can I take the test again?

Of course, but remember that you will always be dealt the same 50 hands until you become a member of our Domination Poker Analysis and Training Program.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We’re so sure your poker game will improve, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked, in the first 30 days of your membership.

What does my PokerIQScore™ mean?

0 – 74 Well below average player, improvement possible in all areas of game
75 – 89 Below average player, improvement possible in nearly all areas of the game
90 – 109 Average player, improvement possible in many areas of the game
110 – 119 Above average player, improvement possible in several key areas of the game
120 – 129 Very solid player, improvement possible in several details of the game
130 – 144 Exceptional player, minor improvement possible in details of the game
145+ A true expert, top 1% of the top 1%

What are some other tips for taking the poker test?

Here are some additional tips that will help you during the test:

  1. The test will consist of 50 hands of No Limit Texas Holdem, with 9 players. Your play will be evaluated based on how all of the actions you take over the 50 hands will affect your ability to win consistently in the long run, not on each hand individually.
  2. The test is not timed. Take as long as you want with your decisions. To speed up the game, when you hit the FOLD button, the next hand will start immediately.
  3. You will always start each hand with at least 1000 chips. The blinds are 5 and 10. Your opponents will usually start each hand with 1000 chips, although sometimes they will be short-stacked.
  4. Your opponents’ names will tell you about their playing style. Pay attention to them! Sometimes, you will have no reads on them. Occasionally, new opponents will enter the game, just like in a real poker game.
  5. The test questions are all pre-programmed and are not random. You may be dealt many strong hands to test your ability to play them correctly.
  6. Do not change your play just because this is a test. Play as you normally would in a real poker game – feel free to bluff, check-raise, try to trap opponents, etc. You will not be penalized if your action was appropriate for the situation.

How can you analyze play in NL Holdem?

It is extremely difficult. As you know, there are many different ways to play no limit holdem. Some professionals are very aggressive and play twice as many hands as other players. However, all winning players possess the ability to play their game in such a way that an opponent cannot easily read their hand. They also know how to avoid situations which are nearly impossible to play correctly. Thus our analyzer searches for patterns in your game and common errors that are exploitable by your opponents.

Our analyzer looks for both actions that are clearly wrong from the onset (such as playing seven-deuce for a raise), and plays that are not wrong in and of themselves, but could be wrong if used too often (bluffing too much would be an example of this). We have tested the analyzer extensively with poker experts and feel confident that you can use our analysis to improve your game and DOMINATE YOUR OPPONENTS™.

How Do I Access the Database of Members-Only Hands and the Member 6-Max Test, Multi-Table Tournament test, etc?

Log into your member page. On the top left side, you will see icons for the six different test types we offer. Click the icon for the test you want to take (6-max, Sit-N-Go, etc). With the Members-Only Full Ring (9-max) tests, you will receive a new 50 question test with random hands from our huge database. Each time you complete this test, the hands will change. If you start a test, but don’t finish it, the hands will stay the same.

Can I see a sample detailed Poker IQ Test Training Analysis?

Sure, here is a link to one.

Can I see a sample of the Hand-by-Hand Replayer?

Sure, here is a link to one.