We are pround to introduce our new fixed limit holdem test, available now for our members.  The test consists of 50 challenging hands, designed to test your skill at some of the more difficult aspects of Fixed Limit Holdem.

The test comes complete with a professional replay, conducted by noted online fixed limit player and coach BigBadBabar.  His expert advice was also used in preparing the hand-by-hand personal replayer and analyzer that our members also get to use with this test.  It’s just like having one of the top limit coaches spot you for 50 difficult hands, with most of them playable.

To take the test, sign into your account and click the fixed limit test link on the left side of your member page.  If you are not already a member, click the “Train Now” link above or just sign up at this link to start your personalized poker training program, including all our tests, training plans, professional replays, and personalized hand-by-hand replay analysis.