Are you an expert poker player who has always wanted to be involved with a poker training site?  This might be your chance.  We still have tons of work to do to continue to improve the site and add new content. is looking to add two new members to our Team of Experts.  This is not a “job offer”, nor is it a paid position (strictly speaking).  The requirements are as follows:

  1. You must be a legitimate poker expert, ideally professional or semi-pro, who plays regularly in live games or online.  While there isn’t a strict definition of ‘expert’, we’ll require some proof of this (i.e. if you’re an online player, we may require some statistics from your pokertracker database).   
  2. You must be well educated in both “book-learned” poker knowledge, and 1000s of hours of live poker play. 
  3. Time to devote at least 5-10 hours a week to this project (maybe more).
  4. Computer skills are definitely a big plus.

If this sounds like you, go to the “Contact” page and let us know.  If you are accepted onto the team of experts, be prepared to be put to work!  The benefits, however, are many:

  1. By working with a team of other expert poker players, YOUR poker game will improve, even if you are already a great poker player. 
  2. You’ll be listed and pictured on our site as part of the Team of Experts.
  3. We can also discuss methods for you to profit from your involvement here (private lessons, revenue sharing).