We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our SitNGo Tournament poker training test.  We consider this test to be the most detailed hand-by-hand analysis tool that could possibly be created for the SitNGo format.  Our artificial intelligence analyzer considers every move you make from both a strategic and mathematical perspective.  It will help you learn where you are making the most critical errors.

I want to tell you about this from a personal perspective.  After our team of professionals developed this test, I took this test as a poker player who considered himself reasonably good at SitNGo tournaments.  I play the $33 tournaments very regularly, and that is the buy in level of this test.  However, I had noticed that although I almost always got to the final 5 players, my win rate was not what I wanted it to be.

As it turns out, this test told me that my early and mid-stage skills were outstanding – it found very few errors in my play.  However, my bubble and endstage play was diagnosed as needing significant work.  I used the hand by hand analyzer to identify the key weaknesses in my game – I was paying too much attention to my cards and not enough to chip sizes and position.

I used the information I learned from the test to work on this area of my game.  I am pleased to say that over my past 150 SitNGo tournaments, my overall cash rate has increased nearly 25% from my prior cash rate and my win rate has increased 75% from my prior win rate.

To say that I’m a believer in this method is an understatement.  Try it out for yourself, you will be amazed by the results.