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Poker Training Materials

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Complete with hand by hand personalized analysis, and a professional replay, this test is available now for our members.

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Ron's Student Wins over $500,000 in Three Months!

Poker Training that Works

The secret behind the success of our poker training program

Read how one player used Ron Rose's poker training to accumulate over $500,000 in poker winnings and why the WPT hired Ron to lead its training sessions.

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Hand by Hand Analysis - Improve Every Move!

Improve Every Move!!

The most effective and efficient poker training available!

Get a play by play analysis on every test you take and discover the most effective and efficient poker training method available. Click here to see a sample.

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Golden Chip Award for Best Poker Skills Test

Best Poker Skills Test

We won again!

We won the prestigious 2009 Golden Chip Award for best Poker Skills Test. We are nominated for that award again for 2010, and also for best poker training. Vote for us!

Your Quick and Easy Path
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"Ron taught me everything I needed to make it to the final table in these big-field tournaments. He stressed discipline, playing tight, using position, and not getting fancy. I couldn't have done it without him."
- Bob Bright, Las Vegas, NV -- over $700,000 in tournament winnings.

"I have spent a lot more money in the past on poker coaches and programs and not received half the information or quality of analysis as in this site. Many many many thanks to everyone there."
- John Ristich, Saginaw, Michigan

"Since joining your training site I have starting winning some money. Ive won around 2100 dollars. I came in first in a multi-table in a field of 278 players. And I have also got to the final table on quite a few occassions in the last 2 weeks."
- Martin Howard, Managing Director B.H.B.C. Ltd, Swansea
What Will Be Included in My Personalized Poker Training Plan?
  • Our unique hand-by-hand analysis tool that provides you feedback on your every move!
  • An analysis of your PokerIQScore™ in 12 different categories, such as Position, Bluffing, Aggressive Play, Bet Size, Knowing the Odds, and more.
  • Nearly 10 pages of detailed discussion related to the 3 specific areas of your game where you can increase your win rate the most.
  • The ability to track your improvement by taking unlimited other tests pulled from our huge database. Our analyzer provides you with a PokerIQScore™ category breakdown each time and a chart of your progress. You will continue to benefit from this for as long as you play poker.
  • Our unique starting hand chart developed from years of expert practice. This chart is available nowhere else.
  • Access to our entire 800x600 video library with hours of poker training videos, and more being added all the time.
  • A replay of a professional playing the same 50 hands you played initially, with "thought bubble" commentary on the reasoning behind his every move.
  • A series of tips from well-known professional poker players.
  • ...and much more.
Meet Our Resident Pro
Ron Rose
  • 2-time World Poker Tour Champion, including the "Battle of the Champions"
  • Over $1,000,000 in lifetime winnings with over 50 cashes in live tournaments.
  • World Series of Poker Gold Bracelet Winner
  • Ron instructs training seminars worldwide ( and was an instructor at WPT Boot Camp.

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